The management team of Supernova Advertising Limited comprises of Bhanukumar Arvind Goyal, as the Whole-Time Director.

Sameer Patel Yeshwant , Sunita Kamlesh Patel and Vijay Kumar Saini are the Directors of the Company.


Following are the Directors who have been with Supernova Advertising Limited and have lent their expertise and experience for the betterment of the Company.

Mr. Sameer Patel Yeshwant, 32, has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and He has considerable experience in the fields of finance, taxation, accountancy and corporate governance.

Mr. Bhanukumar Arvind Goyal, 24, has a Bachelor degree in Commerce from the University of Mumbai. He is an accredited Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India having experience in Finance, Accountancy, Taxation, Corporate and other legal matters.

Ms. Sunita Kamlesh Patel, 36, has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and has lent her wisdom and knowledge to the Company.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Saini, has a Bachelor degree in Commerce with experience in the field of Accountancy and handling of other Corporate Affairs.

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