Engaged in Advertising, Publicity and Hoarding Activities.

Business Profile

Supernova Advertising Limited is engaged in advertising, publicity and hoarding activities.The Company works as consultants in the field of public relations, press relations and mass communication, all types of consumer market, industrial, sociological and advertising research, graphic designing including product packaging exhibition and designing.The Company provides advices and consultancy services for investment in joint ventures/ wholly owned subsidiaries abroad, opening up of offices, branches, warehouses abroad by Indian companies, firms etc.

The Company carries on business of advertisement and publicity agents and contractors in various ways and manners.The Company does joint industry research amongst the advertising, marketing and media industries.The Company is engaged to purchase, sell, sponsor, hire, acquire opportunity on any radio station, broadcasting centre, television, hoarding, neon signs etc.The Company is engaged to apply, purchase acquire any patents, licenses, concessions and the like, conferring any exclusive or non-exclusive or limited or any secret or other information as to any invention for the purpose of the Company.Supernova Advertising Limited acquires from time to time stock in trade, patents, trademarks, invention, licenses as may be necessary for business carried on by the Company.